Apr 20 , 2020


Giorgio Guastalla


Guanciale (cheek of the pork seasoned, cured and sometimes smoked) is one of our favorite ingredients. Widely used in central Italy (especially Rome area) is not that common elsewhere and quite rare outside Italy. We are happy to slice it thick (as it should be) and share with our customers and friends!

Carbonara and Amatriciana are the most famous dishes with Guanciale but it can really be used in many other preparations.

The important thing is the technique to fry the Guanciale which is the starting point of many uses.

1) Cut the guanciale in stripes

2) Put in a Hot pan with no other fat

3) Let it fry and release its fat flipping it occasionally.

4) Remove from the heat when it start going from translucent to golden

Tip: if you want to add garlic or onion, the right time is 1 minute before removing from heat!


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