How to recognize a quality fresh cow mozzarella from the label?

Apr 12 , 2020


Gabriele Recchia

How to recognize a quality fresh cow mozzarella from the label?

1) Is it real Italian mozzarella? In Italy, mozzarella production has not only a long tradition and know how, but also more competition, more health board checks and of course the right milk characteristics.
Even in Italy mozzarella is just better in some regions than in others. To check where a product of animal origin is produced you have to look on the label for a little oval symbol with the EC number. IT is for Italy, IE for Ireland, DE for Germany, PL for Poland and so on. Very annoying when you buy a Mozzarella with an Italian sounding name, Italian flag on the packaging, and then you find out is made in Slovakia or Germany.
2) Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Rennet and whey starter (fermenti lattici). A sign of a more industrial product of inferior quality is the presence in the ingredients of Citric Acid. Citric Acid is used to shorten the production time as it acts much faster than whey starter... result is a mozzarella with a lot less taste in which usually more salt is added to hide tastelessness.
3) Trust brand or supplier. Mozzarella it is very easy to make employing shortcuts and there is a lot of product below standard. As a Restaurant and Shop we carefully select our suppliers to make sure they put us in the condition of providing you only with Mozzarella produced in Italy with quality milk and following the traditional methods!

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