Una Faccia una Razza

Apr 13 , 2020


Giorgio Guastalla

Una Faccia una Razza

Greek and Italians "una faccia una razza" (one face one race) is a common saying expressing how these Mediterranean people have similar heritage from Magna Grecia and the whole history of Mediterranean basin.

The fact that the saying in Greek sound so similar to the Italian "μια φάτσα μια ράτσα" (mia fatsa mia ratsa) was probably the factor that facilitated what happened during WWII when Italians (at the time allied with Germans) and Greeks, where pretending to fight during the day in the hills around Greek villages, ending up in the evening drinking and playing cards together. 

We specialize in Italian food because it is what we are expert in, we have ties with producers and we can bring great values with our specialized infrastructure. However, we cannot resist hosting in our shop some excellence from our neighbors!

Feta DOP it is definitely a great product so similar but so different from our fresh cheeses and we could not leave this out!





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