Dear customers, 
With its magic and warm atmosphere Christmas is arrived in our store!
We are pleased to propose a fine selection of the best representative items of Italian Christmas Tradition.
Panettone, Pandoro and Cioccolatini for every taste! 
A simple but lovely way to share and wish Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to people we love!


52 products
  • Build Your Own Christmas Box!
  • Exclusive Box
  • Christmas Special
  • Our Wine Production Selection
  • Gift Deluxe
  • Sweet Symphony
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Panettone Magnum 3Kg
  • Pandoro Classic 1Kg
  • Lemon Panettone 600g
  • Panettone Classic Royal 500g
  • Panettone Classic 500g
  • Panettone Classic Mignon 100g
  • Pandorino Classic Mignon 80g
  • Sweetaly Italian Classic Panettone 500g
  • Sweetaly Traditional Pandoro 750g