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Loyalty to the territory, authenticity and artisanship. These values guided the mind of founder Emilio Mauri.

The history of cheese Mauri has its roots deep in Lombardy, always full of milk of the highest quality. Lombardy is home to some types of cheese, above all soft cheeses such as “stracchino di monte” and “stracchino quartirolo”, the first names of Taleggio, the prince among Lombard cheeses along with Gorgonzola.

The authenticity of the Mauri cheese is guaranteed not only by the quality of milk in Lombardy, also the special ripening that benefits from another gift of the territory: the Lanche, the natural caves of Valsassina.

In 1920, Emilio Mauri sensed that it could establish a modern company following the long tradition of cheese, which was ripened cheeses in Lanche where products got a unique and inimitable taste.

In 1929, he built in Pasturo a new and large factory equipped not only for the collection and aging of cheeses, but also for manufacturing.

In 1939 a new milestone: Mauri become a limited company.

Pasturo Caves

Pasturo plant is located in the green and shiny Valsassina Valley, at the bottoms of Grigna mountain. According to the Mauri tradition, Taleggio molds are ripened in the natural caves called “ casere”.

Maturation in the caves

The natural aeration system of mountain makes the environment perfect for the cheese ripening.

Series of deep cracks in the rock connect the caves one to the other, determing the circulation of particular currents of  moist air from high part of the mountain to the ground, granting in this way the perfect degrees needed to ripen cheeses in each and every season.

These environmental features are not artificially repeatable, for this reason the Mauri products ripened in the caves are inimitable  and fully  satisfy the taste of international customers.

Further to market researches and surveys, Mauri has recently moved from the Novara warehouses to the Pasturo plant also the Gorgonzola ripening process (more than 15.00o wheels).

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