Collection: Perfect Piadina

Put the piadina in a hot pan (flat surface down). After 2 minute turn it and fill with your favourite ingredients. 1 minute and fold it in two, turn, cut and serve!

Some Ideas:  


A few Ideas:

- Mortadella (this is the classic from Bologna)

- Roast Ham and Provolone

- Cooked Ham and Fontina

- Spinach and Scamorza

- Spicy Schiacciata and Capri

- Duetto and Walnuts

- Gorgonzola and pears

- Bresaola, Parmigano shavings, lemon and oil

- SPECIAL ONE > Ciokocream and Ricotta !!!

Tip: for some fillings you can just heat the piadina both side and fill afterwards (eg salad, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Ricotta, Chokocream, sauces like mustard, mayo or ketchup, etc.) 

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