Collection: Perfect Picnic Collection

Bring your picnic blanket and enjoy an al fresco picnic with our collection of outdoor food perfect for sharing! Ideal for a picnic in the nature or a relaxing open-air lunch with family and friends at home in the garden. 

We have cheese, sliced meats, spreads, dips and olives, along with a selection of our exquisite wines and drinks! 

Pick your favorites and enjoy a mouth watering picnic!

51 products
  • Italian Prosciutto 80g Sliced
  • Mortadella with Pistachio 100g Sliced
  • Premium Cooked Ham 100g Sliced
  • Salame Classic 180g
  • Salame Truffles 180g
  • Cacciatore Salame PDO 200g
  • Francia Mini Buffalo Cherry Mozzarella DOP 125g
  • Mozzarella Buffalo DOP 125g
  • Burrata 120g
  • Pecorino Cheeses Tris 200
  • Spredable Pecorino Cheese 100g
  • Spredable Pecorino Cheese with Truffles 100g
  • Gorgonzola Spread cheese 150g
  • Tuna Fillets in olive oil 200g
  • Long Breadsticks 200g
  • Mini Lingue 100g