€150.00 Corporate Gift Pack

€150.00 Corporate Gift Pack

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Our Corporate Gift Pack is fully customizable, if you want to switch a product that is assigned to this pack for another, simply leave us a note with your order, and we will take care of the rest!


The following Products are the ingredients that build the pack.


1 x Cannonau Di Sardegna DOC I Fiori 0.75 

1 x Lingue di Suocera 200g

1 x Burrata 120g

1 x Pecorino Tris Cheese 200g

1 x Amaretti 100g

1 x Extra Dark Chocolate 75% 100g

1 x Milk Chocolate 36% 100g Organic

1 x Figs Jam 300g

1 x Italian Wildflower Honey Organic 400g

1 x Italian Antipasto Salame Mix Sliced 100g

1 x Salame Red Wine 180g

1 x Rossese Doc 0.75 2019 - Our Production!

1 x Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi DOC 0.75

1 x Pigato Doc 0.75 2019 - Our Production!

1 x Nodini Mozzarella 300g

1 x Clemente Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

1 x Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil 180g

1 x Pantosto Tomato and Oregano 100g

1 x Chilli Pepper 50g