Burrata with Truffle 100g

Burrata with Truffle 100g

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Our truffle burrata is a product created to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates: delicate outside and soft inside, our truffle burrata has a more unique taste compared to traditional burrata pugliese.

Perfect by itself, without any condiments, truffle burrata can also be the right ingredient for an entry dish. For example, truffle burrata can turn into a typical Puglia entry if accompanied by tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

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Family Palazzo, which has been producing typical burrata of highest quality for three generations, is proud to offer new versions of local dishes.

Truffle burrata, for example, perfectly combines local traditions and innovations: by integrating the simplicity of its traditional ingredients with the most particular and sophisticated ones, our truffle burrata is a perfect culinary union.

Truffle burrata is a perfectly balanced product with high nutritional value. Rich in proteins, it is a perfect side dish for some simple products, such as raw or cooked vegetables for an autumn/winter salad.

In 2016, Murgella truffle burrata won a bronze medal at the first Spanish edition of the World Cheese Awards which took place in Donostia/San Sebastian.