Cabernet Piave DOC 0.375 L

Cabernet Piave DOC 0.375 L

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Grape variety:  70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc

Production zone: vines from Fagarè, Vallonto e Fontanelle, clayey soil of alluvial origin, sylvoz and spur cordon training system, 4.000/5.000 vines per hectare, yield 110 ql/ha

Harvest: end of September, hand-picked grapes

Vinification: first crushing and destemming, then 4/5 days of cold pre-fermentative maceration. Later 20 days of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation at controlled temperature at maximum 28° C. After raking, there is 9 months ageing in oak casks, plus 6 months in bottle

Color: intense ruby red with purple hints Nose: intense bouquet, complex and fascinating, fruity with soft fruits aroma, spicy and also herbaceous

Taste: good concentration enhance fruity flavours and dry tannins, which are in harmony with a round vanilla scent

Food pairing: roasted red meat, fine poultry, game and wild game, hard aged cheese. Venetian tradition: birds with polenta or lamb and pork meatloaf

Alcoholic content: 12% vol.

Servizio: ideal at 18/20° C, in carré stems. We suggest to slowly lead the wine at temperature, taking the bottle off from storage place the day before tasting