Caviar Gift Box (3 x 10g)

Caviar Gift Box (3 x 10g)

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Gift Box Idea

A stylish magnetic gift box encloses Calvisius's Classics:

- Tradition Royal,

- Oscietra Classic,

- Siberian Classic

All Calvisius Caviars are Malossol, therefore contain a percentage of salt lower than 4%, which enables us to appreciate the diversity and bring out the character of each species of caviar.
We recommend that you do the tasting in the following order, from the most delicate to the most intense: Tradition Royal, Oscietra Classic, Siberian Classic.

Italian caviar is highly appreciated and consider amongst the best in the world.
It is produced exclusively from sturgeon bred in captivity as they are now a protected species and whose fishing is absolutely forbidden.
The breeding water that comes from natural water sources and the sustainable farming assure a great quality to the final product without contamination.