Trento DOC 'Aquila Reale' 0.75 Lt

Trento DOC 'Aquila Reale' 0.75 Lt

Cesarini Sforza
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The highest-quality grapes have been grown in Maso Sette Fontane since 1734.
Here Chardonnay enjoys the Brenta Dolomites and obtains unique characteristics,
with a balance and personality that few vineyards can achieve: structure and
elegance, strength and finesse. These characteristics can fully exalt themselves
through the application of the classic method: a long and patient process where
details and nuances take on great importance. The combination of the cultivation
site, the variety's vocation and the experience and expertise of the winemakers -
three generations of the same family - make the result quite unique. Aquila Reale
comes from this terroir, the Cru of Cesarini Sforza.

Tasting notes: The golden colour is the best introduction to this wine’s
complex and elegant aromas. The sweetness of the aromas is reminiscent of
candied fruit, which accompanies even more rare and intense fragrances. The
palate is certainly rich, but also surprisingly deep and salty. A sparkling wine of
great personality: charming and elegant with a noble soul.

Production Area: Maso Sette Fontane, Adige Valley, Trentino

Variety: Chardonnay