Colatura Anchovies 100ml

Colatura Anchovies 100ml

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This specialty is obtained from anchovies fished in the Mediterranean Sea.
During the pressing and maturation phase of the salted anchovies, the liquid that emerges on the surface is progressively extracted and subjected to a natural concentration process.
The final result is a clear amber-colored distillate, with a strong and full-bodied taste that preserves the aroma of the raw material, the salted anchovies.
With drip stopper cap.

Most famous use is to prepare a quick but delicious spaghetti dish with also garlic, chilli peppers, extra virgin olive oil and and breadcrumbs. It can also be used to enrich grilled vegetables, sauces, a few drops on canapes...

Fermented fish sauces is a very ancient traditions (the Romans are known to use it).

Small world: Fish sauces (some made with anchovies too) are widely used in the far east (eg fish sauce in Korean Kimchi or Vietnamese rolls and of course Japanese and Chinese Hot Pots).


Anchovy extract from the Mediterranean Sea