Sauvignon Blanc Friuli Grave DOC

Sauvignon Blanc Friuli Grave DOC

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Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Production zone: vines from San Foca, gravelly and clayey soil of alluvial origin, guyot and sylvoz training system, 4.500/5.000 vines per hectare, yield 110 ql/ha Harvest: end of August, hand-picked grapes

Color: straw yellow with greenish hints

Nose: deep, fresh and green, with fruits, flower and vegetables aroma: green pepper and elder scent meets peach and exotic fruits notes, revealing mint and balsamic flavours

Taste: elegant, harmonious and present body, where warm and round notes of exotic fruits marries fresh and acid green scents

Food pairing: shellfish, seafood, fresh pasta with asparagus or pepper sauce, ravioli with spring herbs filling, filled roasted pepper, fresh cheese. Venetian tradition: creamed codfish or bittersweet fried sardines in “saor” style

Alcoholic content: 12% vol.

Serving temperature: ideal at 7° C, in carré stems