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This is a truly special selection of products as they comes from our own farm in Italy! It is the dream of a complete chain from Producer to Consumer from the our hands in the soil to your table!

Of course many productions are limited in quantities or impossible to make available in Ireland, but we will try to always bring something to share with our Irish friends!

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PEQ Agri is a farming and transformation business in Italy part of our group. The activities of the sister company of Ripasso are spread on a vast area in Liguria region (north west of Italy by the sea) and are based on the idea of

Natural produce and (re)discovery of how much beauty and bounty surround us

PEQ Agri farm sprang from our need to return to the earth.
Natural produce and simple transformations drive our project. We are convinced that there is room to follow the values that are becoming harder and harder to find in the modern world.
We have no promises to keep or strict rules to follow, only the desire to appreciate the land we work and what it can yield, to find people with whom to share our dream and to find balance and sustainability in years to come.

Our activities in Italy Include:





We have no desire to develop mass production. Rather, we want to do multiple things according to the seasons and to the passions, vocations and discoveries that come with time, often unexpectedly.
What we produce is what drives us: when, how much, what channels and markets can appreciate our rhythm and not ask us to conform to economic drivers. These markets are local restaurants and shops, our agri-resorts, our friends and our private customers from near and far.



Just inland from Pietra Ligure, PEQ’s first agri-resort farm is both easy to reach and wonderfully isolated, rustic and rural.
The villa has rooms on two floors and each room has a private outdoor space with a table and chairs.
There are many ample shared spaces where guests can relax, read and take part in recreational activities: a large garden, swimming pool, sun terrace, game room with ping-pong table and table soccer, and much more.

Peq Agri Resort of Tovo is immersed in greenery.
A refreshing stream flows just a few meters away, offering yet another place to marvel at the beauty of nature and to totally relax.
There are many nearby trails offering various hikes through the countryside.

Cascina Praié Vineyards and Winery


Cascina Praié

The bedrock of Cascina Praié production is based on Pigato and Vermentino, Liguria’s most famous wines, but the winery also aims to revive a number of the region’s oldest but less well-known varieties, such as lumassina and barbarossa, the latter a natural rosé.

The reds are blends of grenache and rossese, although the Cervo vineyard is now growing other red grape varieties that adapt well to the Mediterranean climate.

Of the 12 hectares of property, eight are dedicated to vineyards, ranging from the youngest Cervo site, which has only recently begun producing, to the older Colla Micheri vineyards dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.


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