Collection: The perfect salumi and cheese board

Whether for a dinner with the family or for an aperitif with friends, a charcuterie board is always a fantastic versatile and easy option to satisfy all tastes. You can combine a multitude of sliced meats, cheeses, breadstikcs, spreads to create your own platter…let the creativity drive you!

The most important thing for a successful result? Choose only high quality products!

Find below our tips, suggestions and products for a perfect salumi and cheese board!


The meat is the most important part of the board. The best choice is to use both cooked and cured salumi with different textures and flavours to make your platter more various and meet everyone’s taste. A fantastic selection includes Prosciutto Crudo Galloni, Speck, Coppa and Lard for the cured meats; Mortadella and Roasted Ham for the cooked ones.

If you want to add a bit of spiciness to your board, try the spicy schiacciata salami with chilli!

Consider at least 2 slices of each item per person and lay out all the products filling in the spaces on your board. The best way to do it is to pile the slices of the same product one on top of the other.  

Alternatively, for a quicker option, you can get our prepacked Antipasto mix with 3 different types of salami.


For your board you can choose both hard and soft cheeses (like mozzarella or spreadable cheeses). Our suggestion is to include Pecorino, probably the best cheese to pair with meats for a fantastic board. In our range you can find a variety of Pecorini with different aging and flavours, including Pecorino Romano with its unmistakable aromatic and spicy taste!

If you don’t know which cheese to choose, in our range you can also find a pre-sliced pack of a selection of 3 different pecorini from Sardinia…super handy!

 Once you’ve chosen your favourite cheeses, make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • always serve the cheese at room temperature: cold cheese doesn’t taste like much so make sure you take it out the fridge at least half an hour before serving to enjoy its flavour at its best
  • slice the hard cheeses or cut them into bite-sized pieces so that they are easier to grab

Breadsticks and crackers

Breadstick and crunchy bread are the perfect accompanishment for your board. To enjoy the flavour of meats and cheeses at its best, choose plain and neutral options, like Pane Carasau crisply flat bread, definitely a must!

Jams, pates and olives

Add a unique final touch to your board using fruit and vegetables jams, bruschette and pesto: spread them on bread with the salumi or dip in the cheese.
A fantastic pairing that we really recommend you to try is Lard with honey, simply irresistible! Don’t forget to add some olives and other vegetables like stuffed chilly on a side for a fresh and juicy touch! 



Last but not the least….choose the right wine! We recommend a light-bodied red wine with smooth tannins to enhance the strong flavours of cheeses and salumi. Try our Lavis Pinot Noir from Trentino Alto Adige and Rossese from our own winery in Liguria, the perfect match is guaranteed!

These are our suggestions to delight your guests with a fantastic home made salumi and cheese board...enjoy!!


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